How to Apply for Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship

How to Apply for Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship
Published on: 28 July 2021

The dual island-nation of Antigua and Barbuda continues to offer economic citizenship through the Citizenship by Investment in Antigua and Barbuda (CBI) Program, which first debuted in 2013. This blog will teach you how to apply for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship. Keep reading to learn about the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship cost, and for a discussion of the following CBI schemes: donation, contribution to the University of the West Indies Fund, and the Antigua and Barbuda Real Estate Investment option. But first, discover the Antigua and Barbuda passport benefits that make Antigua and Barbuda citizenship one of the most investor-friendly CBI schemes on the market!

Antigua and Barbuda Passport Benefits

  • Those who pursue Antigua and Barbuda citizenship via the CBI program do so after learning about the diverse array of economic, visa-free travel, and lifestyle benefits attainable through the program.
  • Foreigners who acquire Antigua and Barbuda nationality enjoy freedom from a variety of onerous taxes, including those pertaining to income, estate, and inheritance.
  • In terms of travel, the Antigua and Barbuda passport grants holders expanded travel opportunities—including visa-free access—to more than 150 countries and territories in Europe, Asia, South America—and beyond. The United Kingdom, Russia, and the entire Schengen Area (a group of 26 countries that include France, Germany, and Italy—are all accessible visa-free with an Antigua and Barbuda passport.
  • Finally, while Antigua and Barbuda CIP investors do not need to live on the island in order to secure their economic citizenship, the islands’ natural beauty offer tranquility, safety, and security for investors looking to embrace a Caribbean lifestyle.

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Options

  • Applicants for Citizenship by Investment in Antigua and Barbuda can choose between three schemes: real estate investment, donation, or contribution to a university fund.
  • Applicants who select the Antigua and Barbuda Real Estate Investment option:
    • Can select pre-approved real estate for sale in Antigua and Barbuda, each with a minimum purchase price of $400,000 USD.
  • The Antigua and Barbuda donation option offers investors the opportunity to invest a minimum amount of money via the CBI donation scheme:
    • $100,000 USD through the National Development Fund (NDF)
  • Alternatively, investors with large families may prefer to invest via the below option:
    • $150,000 USD through the University of the West Indies Fund (UWF)
  • Please note that the above Antigua and Barbuda citizenship costs for the various donation, real estate, and UWF options do not reflect processing costs and other mandatory fees. For information on the complete costs associated with pursuing Antigua and Barbuda citizenship, please contact us here.

Steps to Apply for Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship

1. Choose your authorized agent

  • Anyone seeking economic citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda must do so through an authorized agent.
  • Guide Consultants is an authorized representative agent listed under the Citizenship by Investment Unit to promote & provide full services for Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment program. Guide Consultants will provide you with individualized support throughout your application process.

2. Submit your required documents

  • Antigua and Barbuda citizenship requirements include the submission of certain required documents (the indicated forms are available for download online) including the following:
    • National passport
    • Birth certificate
    • Personal reference
    • Basic application form
    • Medical certificate form
    • Investment confirmation form
    • Agent form
    • Photograph and signature certificate form
    • Real estate form (for those pursuing the real-estate investment option)
    • Tax returns and income statements (and other financial information)
  • For a full list of documents required by the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program, contact us here.

3. Pass a background check

  • In addition to the above required documents, applicants will have to provide Antiguan authorities with a police report from their country of residence (as well as one from their country of citizenship, if different from where they live currently). The submission of this document is a component of the third step toward applying for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship, which involves passing a complete security and criminal history scan (Due Diligence).

4. Await your decision

  • Once you have selected your Antiguan CBI scheme, submitted your required documents, and passed a background check, your complete application will be considered by the Antiguan CBI authorities. If you are judged to have fulfilled all of the requirements relating to the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment program, you will be approved for the nationality.
  • The processing time for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship usually takes around four months (although it can take longer—or even less time—depending on numerous factors).

Make your CBI payment

  • After the Antiguan authorities receive and process your complete payment for your chosen CBI scheme, you will ultimately be granted citizenship and a passport from the country.

For personalized information on how to apply for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship, contact us here.


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