Grenada Citizenship Program

Time to citizenship

Minimum of 6 months

Minimum Investment

US $150,000

Type of investment

Donation - Real Estate

Visa free Countries

140+ Including Schengen area, UK, and China

Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program

Grenada launched its citizenship by investment program in 2013 for the purpose of transforming its economy to be more prosperous. In return, it allows foreign investors obtain permanent legal citizenship and second passport within 4 to 6 months. Grenada has a strong foreign relation with the United States and China, making it the only Caribbean citizenship by investment and second passport program that offers visa free access to China. In addition, Grenada holds E-2 investor visa treaty with the US, granting Grenada passport holders the right to work in the United States.

Citizenship by investment in Grenada is available through two options.

  • Non-refundable contribution under the National Transformation Fund (NTF)

  • Real Estate investment in an approved project under Grenada Citizenship by Investment Unit

Grenada Overview

Grenada, dubbed as the Isle of Spice, known for its combination of rich resources in nutmeg, cocoa, cloves and astounding beauty of silky white beaches.




Eastern Caribbean Dollar

Total Area

348 km2


St George's


Parliamentary democracy


112,523 people

Grenada Citizenship and Passport Benefits

The citizenship program of Grenada allows siblings sponsorship in the same application. Likewise, it does not require an applicant to take any language test nor do they need to reside or visit the country. Grenada Passport holders can vote, purchase property, as well as live and work in the country.

Grenada passport holders are privileged to numerous benefits:

  • Visa-free access to over 140 countries and territories, including Schengen zone, UK & China

  • Citizenship is inheritable by new-born

  • Allows dual citizenship

  • E2 investor visa treaty with the US

  • Allows siblings sponsorship in the same application

  • No imposed taxes on non-residents

Grenada Citizenship by Investment Options

Option 1: The National Transformation Fund (Donation)

The National Transformation Fund (NTF) was created to help in sustaining the growth and transformation of Grenada’s economy. The Funds are used to finance various projects across many industries, including tourism, trade, agriculture and alternative energy.

A non-refundable contribution depending on the number of dependents included in the application:

Single applicant

US $235,000

Main applicant and spouse

US $235,000

Family of three

US $235,000

Family of four

US $235,000

More than 3 dependents (for each additional dependant)

US $25,000

Dependent parents/ grandparents under the age of 55 (per applicant)

US $50,000

Dependent siblings (per applicant)

US $75,000

Option 2 : Real Estate Investment

The applicant must invest in a government-approved real estate project within Grenada at a minimum value of US $220,000 or US $350,000, you may only re-sell that real estate under the Citizenship by Investment Program after five (5) years of acquiring citizenship.

The following government fees also apply depending on the number of dependents included in the application:

Single applicant

US $50,000

Main applicant and spouse

US $50,000

Family of three

US $50,000

Family of four

US $50,000

More than 3 dependents (for each additional dependant)

US $25,000 per applicant

Dependent parents/ grandparents under the age of 55 (per applicant)

US $50,000 per applicant

Dependent siblings

US $ 75,000 per applicant

Additional Fees for Grenada Citizenship Options

Application fee

US $1,500 per applicant

Processing Fee for dependents 18 years old and above

US $1,500 per applicant

Processing Fee for dependents below 18 years old

US $500 per applicant

Due diligence for main applicant

US $5,000

Due diligence for spouse

US $5,000

Due diligence for dependents 17 years old and above

US $5,000 per applicant

Oath of allegiance and passport fee

US $275 per applicant

How to Qualify for Grenada Citizenship

  • Main applicant to Grenada citizenship must be at least 18 years old

  • Applicants must hold no criminal record

  • Must prove the source of fund for the investment

  • Dependent children under the age of 30

  • Dependent parents/ grandparents

  • Unmarried dependent siblings who are 18 years old and above

  • Must undergo due diligence checks to gain approval

How to Apply and Obtain Grenada Passport

Notice: Guide Consultants is an international marketing agent listed under the Citizenship by Investment Unit to promote & provide full services for Grenada Citizenship by Investment program.

  • Our specialized team will work with you to collect, translate and notarize the documents required, while ensuring all documents adhere to Grenada government's requirements.

  • The documents will be submitted together with the due diligence and Application fees to the government of Grenada. Your application will start; due diligence will be performed.

  • Once we secure the initial approval, Grenada government will send a letter requesting the remaining funds.

  • You make your investment for the program you have chosen.

  • You receive your Certificate of Registration - you are now a citizen of Grenada.

  • Your Guide Consultants advisor applies for your Grenada passport and delivers it to you.

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Visa-free countries for Grenada

Over the past several years, Grenada government has been successfully working on expanding its list of Visa-free countries.

FAQs About Grenada Citizenship

Grenada awards applicant’s citizenship provided they meet certain requirements and make an appropriate financial donation or invest in approved real estate.
Grenada citizenship is awarded to investors within 4 to 6 months.
Yes, Grenada allows applicants to keep their existing citizenship when applying for Grenadian citizenship.
Grenada is considered to be one of the safest islands in the Caribbean.
Grenada passports is ranking at 33rd in terms of travel freedom, it allows visa-free travel to 143 countries, including the Schengen zone, UK, and China.

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