UAE Golden Visa

Time to residency

1 month (2-4 weeks)

Minimum Investment

AED 2 million (US $545,000)

Type of investment

Public Investments - Real Estate

UAE Golden Visa Program

In 2019, the United Arab Emirates debuted its celebrated UAE Golden Visa Program with the aim of bolstering the economy by drawing to the country global leaders in business, finance, tech, and the arts. To encourage foreigners to reside in (and therefore positively contribute to the UAE development, the government offered residency for investment at the minimum price of AED 5,000,000. Building on the success of its original format while also looking to strategically widen the scope of the UAE Golden Visa Program to attract a more diverse array of would-be residents, in April 2022, the decision was made to reduce the initial minimum investment price to 2,000,000 AED.

Today, the UAE Golden Visa program continues to attract investors due to, among other advantages, its comparatively simple application process. Applicants may begin the application process from anywhere in the world. When they are judged to have met the UAE Golden Visa requirements, they are issued a six-month multi-entry visa to the country, which enables them to enter and remain in the UAE for the final stages of their application. Having met the requirements, successful investors are granted “Golden Residence;” a permit for residency that enables them to live in the country for either 5 or 10 years depending on which category of visa they pursue. UAE Golden Visa holders who continue to responsibly meet the program’s requirements and desire to maintain their residency past the initial period they selected may do so by renewing their residency (for the duration that corresponded with their originally selected visa category). A Golden Visa recipient is empowered to reside, work in the UAE, attend its world-renowned universities, and/or invest in the country. These privileges are also extended to the applicant’s eligible dependent family members.

Which Family Members Can Be Added in the Same UAE Golden Visa Application?

  • Spouse

  • Children of any age

UAE Overview

The UAE enjoys global economic and cultural influence. Comprised of seven Emirates—including its capital city, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai, its vibrant cultural center—the state developed rapidly by the 1970s after the discovery and exportation of its vast oil reserves. Today, the country is a regional superpower, globally renowned for its stability, financial strength, and the luxurious standard of living enjoyed equally by UAE citizens and its diverse foreign residents.





Total Area

83,600 km2


Abu Dhabi


Constitutional federation



UAE Golden Visa Benefits

UAE Golden Visa benefits are too numerous to list; see below for some highlights:

  • Applicants are empowered to include their spouses and children (regardless of their ages) on their UAE Golden Visa application.

  • In addition to residency and employment rights in the UAE, applicants (and their children and other eligible dependents) can also attend local schools and universities there.

  • Eligible spouses and children may remain in the country throughout their residency period, even in the event of the death of the main Golden Visa applicant.

  • Golden Visa holders and their families may stay abroad for more than the traditional six-month duration while still preserving their UAE residency.

  • UAE residents have access to rewarding financial prospects exclusively available to citizens and residents, who also financially benefit from low tax schemes, such as zero taxes on personal income.

  • Applicants may secure visas for as many eligible non-UAE nationals as they require for household employees.

UAE Golden Visa through Public Investments

The public investment option for the UAE Golden Visa contains two paths for Residency by Investment. Applicants who successfully pursue either option are rewarded with a 10-year UAE Golden Visa, entitling them to a decade of residency (no sponsorship required).

  1. Investment in public funds

Minimum investment of AED 2,000,000 in a government-endorsed UAE public fund for Golden Residency in the UAE

  1. Investment or ownership of UAE based company
  • Ownership of a UAE based company with a minimum capital of AED 2,000,000 for Golden Residency in the UAE

Note, applicants can meet this requirement through partial ownership of a UAE based company so long as their holdings are worth a minimum of AED 2,000,000

  • Ownership of a UAE-based company which contributes a minimum of 250,000 AED in taxes to the UAE economy

Note, UAE Golden Visa applicants can meet this requirement through their partial ownership of a UAE based company so long as their holdings represent a minimum of AED 250,000 in the company’s paid taxes

UAE Golden Visa through Real Estate Investment

Residency in the UAE is also obtainable through the purchase of eligible property in the country.

Purchase of real estate with a minimum value of 2,000,000 AED.

  • Two properties may be purchased in pursuit of the minimum valuation requirement (so long as they are valued cumulatively at 2,000,000 AED).
  • Real estate can be public or private in nature.
  • To confirm their eligibility, applicants will need to present a written confirmation of possession (sent by the UAE’s Real Estate Registration Department). The department must confirm the property’s sale price, as well as the purchaser’s exclusive use of his or her own funds (i.e. that the owner-applicant has not taken out a mortgage or a loan to secure it).
  • Please note that mortgages/loans on properties may traditionally be pursued only if the owner has already paid AED 2,000,000 toward the price in cash/funds (i.e. the house is worth more than the minimum price requirement and mortgage/loans are used to cover the excess).
  • Applicants may also pursue loans in order to purchase property, so long as said loans are obtained through a UAE bank that has been endorsed via the relevant regional authority.
  • Note—this option for the Golden Visa in UAE is both renewable and obtainable in the absence of an official sponsor.
  • In addition to extant properties, another dimension of the real estate option for the UAE Golden Visa allows applicants to purchase real estate which has yet to be developed (but has been approved for development under a specific entity by the state), also with a minimum valuation of 2,000,000 AED.

UAE Golden Visa Price

Real Estate Investment Option
Minimum Investment 2,000,000 AED
Residency fees 2,280 AED
ID fees 575 AED

Public Investments Option
Minimum Investment 2,000,000 AED
Residency fees 2,790 AED
ID fees 1,070 AED

UAE Golden Visa Eligibility

In order to apply for the Golden Visa UAE, applicants must pursue UAE Golden Visa eligibility by meeting the following requirements:

  • Provide evidence of total ownership of any funds directed toward a qualifying investment.
  • Provide evidence of maintaining a permanent dwelling in the country in the form of documentation of purchase/lease of property (requirement exclusively applies to the real estate investment option for the UAE Golden Visa).
  • Obtain UAE health insurance for applicant and all dependents (spouse/children) on the Golden Visa Emirates application.
  • Confirmation of clean bill of health (obtained through physical examination at designated healthcare facilities) proving the UAE Golden Visa applicant has zero contagious infections of a certain nature.

Advantages of Residency in the UAE

UAE Golden Visa benefits include all the advantages of residency in the UAE. Committed to ensuring ongoing stability and prosperity for citizens and non-citizens alike, the UAE offers would-be residents the opportunity to live in a dynamic, multi-national community grounded in an ever-growing economy.

In addition to safety and security, its residents enjoy what is among the highest standards of living in the world. The country’s wealth has allowed it to invest heavily in health, technology, luxury, and design. Its cities are sleek and pristine, filled with dizzying skyscrapers designed by globally renowned architects.

Dubai is a byword for glamour and luxury, replete with dazzling shopping centers, high-end retail, and some of the best restaurants in the world. Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s sophisticated capital and cultural center, hosts branches of the Louvre Museum, New York University (NYU), and innumerable other cultural and academic outposts (the UAE’s lesser-known but equally impressive emirates offer their residents the same level of security and comfort).

In addition to leaders in tech, finance, and business, the UAE also seeks to enrich its cities by attracting the most in-demand artists, designers, and chefs from around the world. Immigrants form the backbone of the United Arab Emirates; the country’s diversity is its strength.

Required Documents for UAE Golden Visa

Applicants interested in obtaining the UAE Golden Visa must prepare a set of basic documents that vary depending on the category of their application. The following are the required documents to obtain the golden residency in the UAE:

Public Investment Option

Investors in public investments are required to provide one of the following documents:

  • A Memorandum of Association (MOA) of a company incorporated in the UAE, indicating that the applicant’s capital is not less than the required minimum of AED 2 million, along with a valid commercial or industrial license.
  • A letter from one of the licensed investment funds certifying the deposit of AED 2 million, in addition to a letter of guarantee from the bank stating that the deposit will be held for two years, with a commitment to notify the granting entity in case of liquidating the deposit.
  • A letter from the UAE Federal Tax Authority confirming that the applicant is the owner of a company that pays taxes of at least AED 250,000 annually, or that they are a shareholder in a company with a share equivalent to the same amount of taxes paid annually.

Real estate investment option:

Applicants seeking golden residency through real estate ownership must submit one of the following documents:

  • A letter from the Real Estate Registration Department confirming that they own a property worth at least AED 2 million.
  • A copy of the property sale contract indicating the property’s value at the time of purchase.
  • A real estate evaluation certificate issued by one of the relevant authorities in real estate registration.

Additionally, all applicants, whether applying through public investments or real estate investment, must provide the following documents and materials as part of the UAE golden residency requirements:

  • A copy of a valid passport, with a validity period of no less than six months.
  • A recent colored personal photo.
  • Valid health insurance for all family members applying for golden residency in the UAE.

UAE Golden Visa Application Steps

After fulfilling the requirements for the UAE golden residency, you can easily apply for a golden visa through the following steps:

  • Fill out the application form for obtaining the UAE Golden Residency (Application for Nomination for the Golden Residency).
  • Submit the required documents, either by attaching photocopies of the documents in the case of electronic submission or by submitting them on paper in the case of personal submission.
  • Pay the fees required for the service.
  • Submit the application and obtain the tracking number to follow up on the status of the application.
  • Once the application review is complete, the applicant will be notified whether their application has been approved or if any required documents are missing.

Please note that instead of applying directly for the UAE golden visa; applicants can first apply for a UAE entry visa to complete the procedures for issuing the golden residency from within the UAE. This visa is valid for six months and allows multiple entries to the UAE.

Countries that Allow UAE Residents Visa-Free Access

Foreigners with UAE residency, including UAE Golden Visa holders, may enter the following states (Albania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Uzbekistan, and Guatemala) without a visa, simply owing to their being residents of the United Arab Emirates.

UAE Golden Visa FAQ

The UAE Golden Visa Program is the means by which foreign non-residents may achieve residency in the country for either 5 or 10 years. This privilege to reside long-term in the UAE is enabled through the UAE Golden Visa applicant’s purchase of real estate in the Emirates or via public investment there, and may be renewed in the absence of an official sponsor.
The Golden Visa UAE meaning is a kind of residency permit. Like a visa, it allows you to travel to the UAE, but unlike most visas, it is investment based and allows for long-term residency and is renewable in the absence of a sponsor.
Who can apply for a Golden Visa UAE? The UAE Golden Visa Program is open to owners of UAE-based companies, investors who purchase property in the country, and those who put money into a public investment fund (a UAE Golden Visa applicant’s stake/share in any of the three options must have a minimum value of AED 2,000,000).
In addition to the most obvious advantage of being able to live in the UAE for up to a decade (5 or 10 years) alongside their spouses and children, Golden Visa UAE holders also are empowered to sponsor non-UAE citizens as household staff (as many as needed), and also enjoy the peace of mind inherent to minimal residency restrictions for UAE Golden Visa applicants who wish to retain residency while spending longer periods outside of the country.
The UAE Golden Visa Program is a pathway to residency, not citizenship. That being said, successful Golden Visa UAE applicants can enjoy many of the advantages held by UAE citizens, such as the right to reside in the country, as well as be employed and attend school there. In addition, successful UAE Golden Visa holders who continue to follow the UAE Golden Visa rules who desire to renew their permit may do so indefinitely (in theory), thereby extending their UAE Golden Visa residency another 5 or 10 years.
Husbands and wives, and children of all ages can apply for Golden Visa UAE as eligible dependents on the UAE Golden Visa application. Certain Golden Visa Emirates options also allow for the main UAE Golden Visa applicant to bring his or her father and mother to the Emirates as dependents.
Once you submit your UAE Golden Visa application, you can expect a decision back within a month at most. The extremely fast time to residency is therefore yet another benefit of the UAE investors visa.
The UAE has a global reputation for safety, security, and stability. The country maintains one of the lowest crime rates in the world while also fostering an ideologically and ethnically diverse environment throughout its multi-national population.

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