Malta Golden Visa Program

Time to residency

4 - 6 months

Minimum Investment


Type of investment

Real Estate with Donation and Government Contribution

Visa free Countries

Schengen countries

Malta Golden Visa Program

The new Malta Permanent Residence Program was launched on 27th March 2021. It offers non-EU foreign investors the ability to obtain a valid European residence permit quickly and legally. Applicants and their families can live permanently in the country and can travel freely to all Schengen countries if the conditions are met. The program requires investors to make a certain contribution to the government of Malta and a qualifying investment within the country along with the minimum donation to the approved NGO in Malta. Investors can apply for naturalization as Maltese citizens after continuously residing in Malta for a minimum period of 5 years. To be eligible to apply for the program, investors must meet the main condition of proving that they are in possession of assets amounting to €500,000 (out of which €150,000 should be in the form of financial assets).

Which Family Members Can Be Added in the Same Malta Golden Visa Application?

  • Spouse or de facto partner

  • Dependent children under the age of 18

  • Unmarried dependent children between the ages of 18 and 26

  • Dependent parents and grandparents

Malta Overview

Malta is a small archipelago that is filled with friendly locals, medieval castles, fossil-studded cliffs, glorious beaches, warm oceans, and a history of fascinating intensity.





Total Area

316 km2




Parliamentary Republic



Malta Golden Visa Benefits

  • Visa-free access to all Schengen countries, 90 days out of 180 days period

  • Investors and their dependents up to 4 generations can live, work, and study in Malta for an infinite time

  • A residency card as well as a certificate that is valid for a lifetime

  • Affordable real estate market

  • An abundance of business opportunities

  • Possibility of naturalization as Maltese citizens after 5 years of residency

Malta Residency by Investment

To apply for the Malta Permanent Residence Program the investor is required to meet the following requirements:
1- Cover administration fees for the application processing in a total of €40,000, out of which an initial fee of €10,000 is to be settled within a month of the application submission. The remaining €30,000 is to be settled within 2 months following the issuance of a Letter of Approval in Principle.
2- Donate to a Voluntary Organization the amount of €2,000
3- Invest in one of the following property options:
A) Rent a property for a minimum of €12,000 per annum in Malta (or €10,000 if the property is located in the South of Malta or Gozo).
B) Purchase a property for a minimum of €350,000 in Malta (or €300,000 if the property is located in the South of Malta or Gozo).
4- Contribute a certain amount to the Government of Malta, depending on the property investment type selected:
A) If you choose to rent a property, a direct contribution of €58,000 is required.
B) If you choose to purchase a property, a direct contribution of €28,000 is required.
The direct contribution has to be settled within 8 months following the issuance of a Letter of Approval in Principle and can be paid in tranches.

Malta Golden Visa Cost

Real Estate Investment

€350,000 (€300,000 if located in Gozo or the South of Malta)

Leasing Option

Annual rent of €12,000 (€10,000 if located in Gozo or the South of Malta)

Administrative Fee


Contribution to the Government of Malta

€28,000 if purchasing a property
€58,000 if leasing or renting a property


€2,000 donation to a local philanthropic, cultural, scientific, artistic, sport or animal welfare NGO registered with the Commissioner of Voluntary Organizations

Dependent Fees

€7,500 for each additional dependent (except for the spouse)

How to Qualify for the Malta Golden Visa

  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older

  • Investors must be a third-country national – not an EU/EFTA citizen

  • Applicants must have no criminal record

  • Investors must have a certification of good health from a reputable health care system

  • Applicants must have capital assets of not less than €500,000 out of which a minimum of €150,000 must be financial assets

  • Investors must be in possession of adequate health insurance

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Malta Citizenship and Passport

Malta is ranked as the second safest country in the world according to the World Risk Report and offers its citizens first-class health service, a top educational system, and an excellent climate. Fitch has rated it as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. It is politically and economically stable and offers investors excellent business opportunities. Applicants will get permanent resident status and naturalization as Maltese citizens after five years. It is also possible to become a Citizen by Investment.

Malta Visa Free Countries

Over the past number of years, the Maltese government has been successfully working on expanding its list of Visa-free countries.

FAQs About Malta Golden Visa

Individuals who wish to submit an MPRP application must do so with the assistance of Malta–licensed Agent
The main applicant can include: a) spouse
b) children under the age of 18
c) parents or grandparents who are principally dependent
d) Children with disabilities
The total contribution amount is due once the application is approved in principle, and must be paid within 8 months from the date of Letter of Approval in Principle.
Yes, under the MPRP, the applicant is required to maintain a title of ownership or lease over a residential property in Malta throughout the validity of the Maltese Certificate of residence. However, there is no minimum annual rent or property value after the first 5 years have elapsed.
Yes, a beneficiary may submit an application for the acquisition of Maltese citizenship by naturalization after continuously residing in Malta for a minimum period of 5 years. S/he should have resided in Malta throughout the 12 months immediately before the date of application and 4 years out of the preceding 6-year period. S/he has to be knowledgeable in spoken/written English and Maltese, of sound mind, and good conduct.

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