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Grenada Passport

The Grenada passport is available to citizens of the Caribbean state of Grenada, who may use the travel document to enter foreign countries. Anyone who is a citizen of Grenada can receive a Grenadian passport, which is also accepted as a form of national identification (ID). Like many international passports, the Grenada passport is dark blue, with a gold crest bearing the national motto (“Ever conscious of God we aspire, build and advance as one people.” Grenada’s shift to its current biometric passport occurred within the past five years, as the country has worked successfully to ensure higher security standards on its government IDs.

Validity of the Grenada Passport

The Grenada passport validity period is five years. After five years have passed, you will need to renew your Grenada passport in order to keep using it to travel internationally.


Grenada Passport Power

The Grenada passport power reflects the Grenada passport rank: 35th in the world, according to the Guide Consultants Passport Ranking Index. The high Grenada passport power ranking is correlated with diverse and significant array of travel opportunities available to holders, who may enter 141 countries without a visa (or with simple and quick visa-on-arrival or electronic travel authorization (eTA).

How to Apply for Grenada Passport

Grenada passports are exclusively for the country’s citizens. Citizens of Grenada may follow the below steps to learn how to apply for the Grenada Passport. Please note that the below directions are for general passport applications; the procedures and Grenada passport fees may vary slightly depending on the nature of the application and the candidate, as well as the application destination.

The following is a list of the requirements and application steps for obtaining a Grenada passport:

  • Complete the Grenada passport application.
    This is the main Grenada passport application form, which contains basic biographical information (full name, date of birth, current residence).

  • Assemble your required documents:
    • Old passport (if relevant)
    • Evidence of citizenship (for example: actual birth certificate, Grenada Citizenship by Investment certificate)
    • For applicants who are married, divorced, widowed, or adopted: forms attesting to these facts
    • Receipt from treasury
    • Police record (if replacing missing passport)
    • Letter of consent for minor applicants (under 16)

  • Submit Grenada passport photos:
    • Two Grenada passport photos not older than six months (from Grenada passport application date) and measuring the standard passport size
    • Applicant in Grenada passport photo should face directly to the camera, with the entirety of their face and hair visible (i.e. not covered by accessories)
    • Submitted photos should be printed on normal thin photographic paper. • Person endorsing the Grenada passport application must affix their signature on the back of one copy of the photos.

  • Pay the Grenada passport fees.
    Your application destination and method of submission may affect the basic cost of a Grenada passport. Additional Grenada passport fees are levied for any Grenada passport which requires expediated processing.

  • Submit your complete Grenada passport application.
    Applicants traditionally submit their Grenada passport application via registered mail or personally. Please note that the processing time for a Grenada application will vary depending on where/how the application was submitted.

    Consider that the above directions refer to the application for the Grenada passport. Foreigners must first achieve citizenship through the Grenada Citizenship by Investment program before they can proceed with the above steps for the Grenada passport.

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Grenada Passport Benefits

The numerous Grenada passport benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Grenada passport power.
    Those who are approved for the Grenada Citizenship by Investment program will also experience the Grenada passport power through Grenada passport visa-free entry to 140+ countries. Grenada passport benefits include access to significant Grenada passport-visa free travel destinations, including Singapore, the 27 European Union states, Russia, China, and the United Kingdom.

  • Simple, streamlined application process.
    In addition to being low cost, the Grenada passport application procedure requires minimal steps and few Grenada passport requirements.

  • Biometric travel document.
    The Grenada passport is a sophisticated biometric travel document, which offers security to the holder in the context of his or her personal data.

  • Dual passport allowance.
    Applicants may hold a Grenada passport simultaneously with that of another country due to zero restrictions on dual passport possession.

Grenada Citizenship by Investment to a Grenada passport

Those who are approved for the Grenada Citizenship by Investment program will enjoy the aforementioned Grenada passport visa-free travel freedoms of the world’s 35th most powerful passport. The Citizenship by Investment program has additional advantages. Successful applicants are granted residency on beautiful Grenada as well as access to potentially lucrative investment vehicles (including commercial and private real estate) low or zero tax responsibilities (note: there are no residency requirements to enjoy said tax advantages or to maintain citizenship or a Grenada passport). Grenada also has zero restrictions on dual citizenship, which means that acquiring a Grenada passport through the Grenada Citizenship by Investment program will not affect an applicant’s ability to maintain an existing citizenship or acquire a new citizenship (in addition to their Grenada citizenship).

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment program offers two options to achieve a Grenada passport. These are outlined below:

  • Donation to the National Transformation Fund (NTF).
    For donation through the Grenada Citizenship by Investment program, applicants make a minimum investment to the National Transformation Fund, which benefits the country’s economic development.

  • Investment in Real Estate on Grenada.
    For the real estate option for Grenada Citizenship by Investment, applicants may choose to purchase property on Grenada. This property may be chosen from among pre-selected government real estate holdings.

Grenada Visa Free Countries

Over the past number of years, the government of Grenada has been successfully working on expanding its list of Visa-free countries

Grenada Passport FAQ

Grenada passport ranks 33rd according to the Guide Passport Ranking Index, It provides visa-free access to 142 countries.

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