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Turkey Passport

The Turkey passport is granted to citizens of Turkey for the purpose of international travel. The travel document can also be used as a form of government ID. The Turkish passport is exclusively reserved for Turkish nationals (citizens). Red with the iconic Turkish star and crescent, the Turkish passport has been biometric since 2010.

Validity of the Turkish Passport

10 years is the validity of the Turkey Passport. While passports issued to children under 18 years of age are valid for 5 years.

Turkey Passport Power

The Turkey passport power is a reflection of its rank among global passports: 53rd in the world, as stated by Guide Consultants Passport Ranking index. The Turkey passport visa-free travel countries (the international states accessible exclusively through a Turkey passport) number 113. This means that you may use your Turkey passport to enter over 100 countries with a visa on arrival, or an eTA (electronic travel authorization), which are simple and fast to acquire, or without any visa at all.

How to Apply for Turkey Passport

The Turkey passport is reserved for Turkish citizens. You must therefore become a citizen of Turkey before you apply for your Turkish passport. Eligible Turkish citizens (those who meet the Turkey passport requirements) may consider the following steps for how to apply for a Turkey passport.

  • Fill in Turkey passport application (main form).
    Begin the application process for a Turkey passport by completing the main application form. On this form, you will submit basic information about yourself—information like your full name and address, among other biographical details.

  • Assemble your required documents.
    • Turkey Identification Card (TC. ID)
    • Birth certificate or other proof of identity
    • Biometric photo
    • Old passport (if relevant)

  • Submit your biometric passport photo.
    • Applicants must submit one biometric passport photos taken within the past six months (from date of application) and measuring 50mm by 60mm.
    • Turkey passport photo subject should toward the camera, with the entirety of their face and hair showing (i.e. not wearing lenses).
    • Background of Turkey passport photo should be white (i.e. beige/neutral).
    • Turkey passport photo subject must have eyes open, mouth closed.
    • Turkey passport photos must be captured on thick paper, by a professional camera (photo must be original—i.e. not a print out or a copy of an original photo).

    • Pay your Turkey passport fees.
      The age of the applicant will affect the Turkey passport price (different application destinations may also charge different prices for postal charges and other related fees). Depending on where you apply, you may be asked to pay in local currency versus USD.

    • Deliver the complete Turkey passport application.
      Turkey passport applications are often submitted through the mail or personally. If you are applying through Turkish Embassy or Consulate (i.e. if you are applying from a destination outside of Turkey) you may need to come in person to submit your application.

      Please consider that the above steps refer exclusively to the process for acquiring a Turkey passport and are therefore completely different from those for the process to obtain Turkish citizenship through the Turkey Citizenship by Investment program. Investors who pursue Turkey citizenship by investment (CBI) through the Turkey Citizenship by Investment program may follow the above steps for a Turkey passport once they have formally obtained their Turkish citizenship through CBI.

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Turkey Passport Benefits

The Turkey passport benefits are as follows:

  • Minimal Turkey passport requirements.
    Applying for the Turkey passport is not difficult; rather, the process may be undertaken in a short period of time, and with few requirements outside of fee payment and the submission of several required documents.

  • The Turkey passport power.
    With over 100+ Turkey passport visa-free travel destinations and a Turkey passport ranking of 53rd globally, the Turkey passport power allows visa free entry to many destinations around the world such as Brazil, Qatar, Albania and South Korea.

  • Secure biometric Turkey passport.
    The Turkey passport is a sophisticated, biometric travel document which presents its holder’s personal information in a secure and standard format.

  • Dual citizenship; Dual passport.
    Turkey allows for dual citizenship, which means you may retain your Turkey passport alongside any other additional citizenships/passports you hold currently or intend to acquire.

Turkey Citizenship by Investment and a Turkey Passport

Becoming a citizen of Turkey through the Turkey Citizenship by Investment program has its own rewards. Turkish citizens have access to Turkey citizenship by investment opportunities exclusively reserved for citizens, including development and financial projects in real estate and other fields. For example, Turkish citizens have a pathway to the US E-2 visa to the United States, which entitles eligible applicants to establish a business in the country and by extension gain a form of American residency. The children of naturalized Turkish citizens are immediately eligible for Turkish citizenship, which means an applicant can confer their nationality on their children, who in turn may pass Turkish citizenship to their decedents. Turkish youths may attend schools in the country—including its excellent universities—for free, while also receiving free health care. However, those who do not wish to reside in Turkey may retain all these advantages while living abroad, due to the country’s lack of residency restrictions. Citizens who live abroad, as well as those in the country, can take advantage of the Turkey passport power and its attendant Turkey Passport visa-free travel opportunities accessible through Turkey citizenship by investment. As the 53rd ranking passport in the world, Turkish citizens may travel to 113 countries without a visa, including South Korea and Singapore—among many others.

The three main pathways to Turkish citizenship offered by the Turkey Citizenship by Investment program are outlined below:

  • Real estate investment.
    The real estate option for the Turkey Citizenship by Investment program sees an investor buying approved real-estate in the country for a minimum amount of money and holding the property for the prescribed number of years.

  • Government investment.
    The government investment option for Turkey Citizenship by Investment requires an applicant to either 1) Buy bonds from the government (for a specific minimum amount) or 2) Invest a minimum amount of cash in a national bank (for a specific minimum number of years).

  • Company establishment.
    The job creation scheme for Turkey citizenship by investment requires the establishment of a business in the country under the auspices of the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Security (the key requirement being that it must employ 50 Turkish workers).

Turkey Visa Free Countries

Over the past number of years, the government of Turkey has been successfully working on expanding its list of Visa-free countries

Turkish Passport FAQ

Turkish passport ranks 53rd place according to the Guide Passport Ranking Index, It provides visa-free access to 113 countries.

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