Egypt Citizenship Program

Time to citizenship

6 months

Minimum Investment

US $250,000

Type of investment

Donation - Real Estate - Cash Deposit - Investment Project

Visa free Countries

40+ Including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Jordan

Egypt Citizenship by Investment Program

The Egyptian citizenship by investment program was established in 2019 with the primary objective of attracting more investments and foreign capital to bolster the country's economy and ease the burden on the national budget. This initiative was brought into effect through Legislation No. 190 of 2019, enacted by the Egyptian Parliament, followed by the issuance of the Egyptian Prime Minister's Decree No. 3099 of 2019, which introduced significant changes to the criteria for granting Egyptian citizenship to foreign individuals. Under this program, investors are presented with the opportunity to obtain Egyptian citizenship through four distinct investment options, namely real estate investment, investment projects, depositing a specified amount in Egyptian banks, or making a non-refundable contribution.

The Egypt citizenship by investment program offers an expeditious and streamlined pathway to acquiring Egyptian citizenship. Successful applicants can secure citizenship and receive an Egyptian passport within a timeframe ranging from 6 to 12 months at the most. In certain cases, for individuals who have previously resided in Egypt, the process may even take only a few weeks. The initial decisions regarding the approval or rejection of applications are typically rendered within a maximum of 3 months from the date of application submission. Subsequently, approved applicants are granted temporary residence in Egypt for a period of six months, during which they are required to fulfill all necessary documentation and provide evidence of their investments, thus demonstrating their eligibility for Egyptian citizenship.

Once the necessary investment has been substantiated, the applicant and their qualified family members are conferred with Egyptian citizenship. This confers upon them the right to reside, work, and pursue education in Egypt. Moreover, they are entitled to pass on this citizenship to future generations of children and grandchildren.

Which Family Members Can Be Added in the Same Egypt Citizenship by Investment Application?

  • Spouse

  • Children below the age of 21

About Egypt

The Arab Republic of Egypt holds a strategic geographic position, serving as a connecting point between the continents of the ancient world, namely Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Egypt stands as the cradle of one of the oldest and most renowned civilizations in history - the Pharaonic civilization - bearing evidence of extraordinary achievements that surpass the boundaries of imagination, whether through the immense structures like the pyramids or the dazzling expressions of creativity, as exemplified by the golden mask of Tutankhamun. Not only does Egypt possess a distinctive allure as a captivating tourist destination, but it also boasts numerous investment opportunities, as it holds a prominent position as one of the most significant Arab and international markets and stands as one of the most populous countries in the world.




Egyptian Pound

Total Area

1,002,000 km2




Presidential republic



Egypt Citizenship and Passport Benefits

  • Dual citizenship is allowed, meaning that applicants will not have to renounce their original citizenships.

  • The Egyptian citizenship is permanent and can be passed on to the next generations according to Egyptian law.

  • There are no language tests or residency requirements, and applicants only need to visit Egypt once for a personal interview.

  • Easy access to the US E-2 treaty visa scheme, which allows applicants the opportunity to move to the United States and set up a business there.

  • The right to permanent residence in Egypt and benefit from health care benefits and free education services in Egyptian schools and universities.

  • Investment opportunities in Egypt and the establishment of companies without being restricted to 49% of the company's capital, which the law imposes on foreigners.

  • The possibility of adding minor children and allowing more than one wife to be added to the same application in case of polygamy.

  • The program accepts applicants from all nationalities without exception.

Egypt Citizenship by Investment Options

Option 1: Non-Refundable Contribution (Direct Revenue Option)

Foreigners can obtain Egyptian citizenship by making a non-refundable contribution that will be transferred as direct revenue to the public treasury of the Egyptian state. The required contribution from the applicant is $250,000.

This option represents the minimum cost of obtaining Egyptian citizenship through investment, and applicants have the flexibility to spread the payment over a year rather than paying it all at once.

However, the requested amounts are required to be transferred from abroad to the designated account at the Central Bank of Egypt, but it is also possible to deposit them in cash directly to the account designated for the program, provided that the amount is proven to have entered Egypt through one of the customs ports.

Option 2: Real Estate Investment

Through the real estate investment option, foreign investors can obtain Egyptian citizenship by purchasing real estate in Egypt with a value of no less than 300,000 US dollars. Likewise, the amounts used to purchase real estate must either be transferred from abroad or documented by customs upon entry into Egypt. Investors have the right to freely choose the real estate they want to buy inside Egypt. While the rules of the Egyptian citizenship program through real estate investment in its infancy required investors to choose only between buying real estate owned by the state or legal persons, the Egyptian Parliament has recently made amendments that allow them to buy real estate from the private sector as well and become eligible to obtain the Egyptian citizenship and the Egyptian passport.

Investors have to retain ownership of the real estate for a period of not less than five years. In the event that the investor disposes of the property during that period, he will have to deposit an amount of $250,000 in the Central Bank of Egypt as a non-refundable contribution so that he can retain his acquired Egyptian citizenship. The program also allows the possibility of installments of the aforementioned amounts within a year. During the installment period, the investors are granted the right to temporary residence in Egypt, but they are not granted citizenship unless they meet the minimum required investment amount.

Option 3: Investment Projects

Foreign entrepreneurs wishing to invest in Egypt can become eligible to obtain Egyptian citizenship through investment projects.

This is done through establishing a new investment project or participating in an existing investment project in Egypt, provided that the value of the investment made by the applicant in the project is not less than 350,000 US dollars. In addition, the main applicant will need to make a non-refundable contribution of US$100,000.

Applicants are required to retain their investment for at least five years. However, in the event that the owner of the project liquidates it, suspends it, or sells its share before the expiry of that period, they will be required to pay a non-refundable contribution of US $250,000 to maintain their acquired Egyptian citizenship.

Option 4: Bank Deposit

The fourth option allows applicants and their families to obtain Egyptian citizenship and acquire Egyptian passports by making a bank deposit of $500,000 into the Central Bank of Egypt account.

Similar to the other options, these funds must either be transferred from a bank abroad or be documented with customs to show that the money originated from abroad.

Applicants are required to maintain this deposit for a duration of three years. After the specified period, the deposit can be reclaimed. However, it is essential to consider that the refund will be provided in the equivalent value in Egyptian pounds based on the exchange rate announced by the Central Bank of Egypt at the time of recovery. Additionally, it should be noted that the deposit amount does not accumulate any interest during the aforementioned three-year period.

Egypt Citizenship by Investment Cost

Direct Revenue (Donation) Option

US $250,000

Real Estate Investment Option

US $300,000

Investment Project Option
Non-refundable contribution

US $350,000
US $100,000

Bank Deposit Option

US $500,000

Administrative Fee*
Non-refundable Application Fee/Applicable to all options

US $10,000

How to Qualify for Egypt Citizenship

  • Applicants must have a clean criminal record.

  • Applicants are required to undergo a medical examination during the application process.

  • A personal visit to Egypt is necessary for an in-person interview.

  • Proof of financial solvency for the main applicant is required.

  • Fulfillment of the investment requirements through one of the four available program options.

Required Documents for Egyptian Citizenship by Investment

Applicants need to provide a set of documents that verify their identity, clean criminal record, and the source of funds used for the investment. The key documents that all applicants must include with their application are as follows:

  • Egypt Citizenship Acquisition Application Form.

  • Copy of the passport and birth certificate of the main applicant (in case of dual citizenship, include copies of all passports).

  • Recent passport-sized photograph of the main applicant.

  • Copies of passports and other identity documents of the spouse and minor children, along with a copy of the marriage certificate.

  • Certificate issued by the applicant's country of origin proving the absence of any criminal penalties or crimes, attested by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Official certificate from the applicant's country of origin or current residence detailing movements within the last 5 years.

  • Criminal record of the main applicant issued from the Egyptian authorities.

  • Medical examination result certificate for the main applicant.

  • Supporting documents pertaining to any assets owned by the main applicant in Egypt, such as property titles, company registration records, and vehicle licenses.

Egypt Passport Visa-free Countries

While Egyptian passport holders do not have visa-free access to a wide range of destinations, there are noteworthy countries that grant visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry to Egyptian passport holders, including Malaysia, Jordan, Indonesia, Lebanon, Iran, and Hong Kong.

How to Apply and Obtain Egypt Citizenship

Obtaining Egyptian citizenship and passport can be easily achieved through the following steps:

  • Complete the application form for Egyptian citizenship by investment and attach the required documents.

  • Pay the administrative fee of US $10,000 via bank transfer to the account of the Egyptian Naturalization Application Screening Unit at the Central Bank of Egypt.

  • Submit the application to the Naturalization Application Screening Unit either in-person or online.

  • The Unit shall review the application, and upon successful completion of the security checks, issue a preliminary approval within 3 months.

  • After receiving the preliminary approval, the applicant is granted a temporary residence in Egypt for 6 months to finalize the documentation and provide evidence of the qualifying investment for Egyptian citizenship.

  • After all assessment procedures and document requirements are fulfilled, the Unit presents its final recommendation to the Egyptian Prime Minister, who issues the final decision on granting citizenship within 3 months, provided that all procedures are successfully completed.

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FAQ about Egypt Citizenship

You can acquire Egyptian citizenship and an Egyptian passport through various pathways. One option involves purchasing real estate with a minimum value of $300,000. Alternatively, you have the option to become an Egyptian citizen by depositing $500,000 into a bank account at the Central Bank of Egypt or by engaging in an investment project in Egypt worth $350,000. Additionally, an Egyptian passport can be obtained through a non-refundable contribution of $250,000.
Holders of Egyptian citizenship enjoy numerous benefits, particularly for those desiring to live and settle in Egypt. Egyptian citizenship confers permanent residency, entailing advantages such as access to healthcare services and tuition-free education at renowned Egyptian schools and universities. Additionally, Egypt, being one of the largest markets in the Middle East, boasts captivating tourist destinations, well-established infrastructure, and a skilled labor force, making it a fertile ground for various investment opportunities.
Yes. According to Egyptian law, any child born to a father holding Egyptian citizenship can also acquire Egyptian citizenship, regardless of their place of birth. Therefore, your future children and subsequent generations can also obtain Egyptian citizenship by inheritance as a second nationality.
Yes, Egypt allows dual citizenship, and investors are not required to renounce their original nationalities.
There are no prohibited nationalities. Egypt allows foreigners from all nationalities to apply for Egyptian citizenship by investment program. However, the final approval for granting citizenship is subject to successfully passing the security checks conducted by the relevant authorities in Egypt.

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