In a recent interview with Gulf News, CEO Mahdi Mohammed discussed his company Guide Consultants, which has been at the forefront of the economic citizenship industry since its founding over five years ago. Today, Guide Consultants is one of the top Citizenship and Residency by Investment (CBI and RBI) companies in the region, serving hundreds of clients every year from its headquarters in Dubai.

Like most great businesses, Guide Consultants was created to solve a problem affecting thousands of nationals from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and beyond. As a global businessman and entrepreneur, Mr. Mahdi Mohammed was intimately familiar with the importance of being able to travel, work, and live freely around the world—without being stymied by country-specific entry and residency restrictions. Increasingly aware of the personal and professional difficulties experienced by investors and their families facing movement constraints, Mr. Mahdi Mohammed began thinking about starting a company that specialized in helping people obtain citizenship and residency by investment. Above all, it would be grounded in his belief that “no one should be limited by their citizenship.” As Mr. Mahdi Mohammed realized, for many individuals, the solution to travel limitations lay in citizenship and residency by investment. For these investors and their families, a second citizenship or residency in another country presented the most viable pathway to visa-free access and expanded travel opportunities. Describing the birth of Guide Consultants, Mr. Mahdi Mohammed explains, “More than a decade ago, I witnessed first-hand the challenges generated by mobility limitations. In 2016, I established Guide Consultants to respond to these global challenges and safeguard the futures of families.”

As its name implies, Guide Consultants was created to help people find the most suitable options available to them in the economic citizenship market. As Mr. Mahdi Mohammed explains, “the crowded nature of the economic citizenship market can potentially overwhelm clients who don’t know where to start.” With Guide Consultants, Mr. Mahdi Mohammed envisioned a different kind of company—one that would “simplify the process by understanding the client’s needs.” Today, more than a decade after he first conceived of it, Guide Consultants stands as a leading regional CBI agent that continues to help people achieve second citizenship, enabling them to travel to many European countries and other destinations around the world without a visa. In addition to helping businesspersons and their families realize their personal and professional goals, Guide Consultants facilitates investment into the economies of participating nations, whose CBI and RBI programmes fund development projects like schools and hospitals, and otherwise positively contribute to domestic economies. For Mr. Mahdi Mohammed, creating a company with “a legacy of advancing the economies of participating Caribbean nations,” remains a key source of pride for the CEO and his team.

According to its founder, Guide Consultants endures due to its unique perspective and client-centered approach. As Mr. Mahdi Mohammed explains, “At Guide, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to second citizenship. We are keenly aware that each client is unique. What is consistent is our approach, which is grounded in transparency.”

Guide Consultants is further distinguished by its ethical business practices and world-class service provision. While other companies may feel incentivized to push their clients toward certain CBI programmes, Guide Consultants puts their clients interests first. As Mr. Mahdi Mohammed explains, “There are no key [CBI] programmes. It all depends on the individual’s future goals and circumstances.” Guide’s commitment to its client-centric approach, Mr. Mahdi Mohammed speculates, is what’s behind its consistently high rate of customer satisfaction. Ultimately, customer satisfaction—and a keen awareness of the importance of their work—are what drive Mr. Mahdi Mohammed and his experienced team, which is “motivated by our commitment to uphold the highest industry standards.”

Second citizenship and residency by investment mean freedom and security for investors and their families, who trust Guide Consultants to navigate and simplify an otherwise complex process. For Guide Consultants, living up to this responsibility is challenging but ultimately intensely rewarding. As Mr. Mahdi Mohammed summarizes, “On a personal level, it is deeply fulfilling to help people expand their horizons.”