Guide Consultants becomes a member of the Investment Migration Council

Guide Consultants becomes a member of the Investment Migration Council
Published on: 11 May 2021

Guide Consultants is proud to announce its membership in the Investment Migration Council (IMC). Founded with the goal of advancing knowledge and awareness of economic citizenship and residency, the IMC today exists as the premiere global association of industry leaders. As a non-profit organization, it is committed to establishing the industry standards, which guide consumers, countries, and other associations around the world. From its headquarters in Geneva, and its branches in London and New York, the IMC oversees a community of experts in the field of economic migration. Providing a forum for the exchange of insights and ideas among various industry leaders, specialists, and stakeholders, the IMC also sponsors research that is ultimately utilized by policy makers at the highest levels of government. In 2019, the association achieved even greater legitimacy and prestige through the formalization of its affiliation with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, to which it continues to provide critical advice and expertise, which informs UN policy.


There are numerous advantages to IMC membership. Those who are selected to join the association become part of the IMC community, where they make connections with other business leaders and key figures in the industry. Membership is selective and reflective of the best in the industry. Only the most established leaders are able to join in a membership process that rewards experience, accountability, and insight. Eligibility is exclusively reserved for those who are judged to adhere to the IMC’s “Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct”—the industry’s first. To become a member, therefore, as Guide Consultants has, is to be recognized as an innovative industry leader who practices and embodies “integrity and ethical practice, competence, and honesty,” among other values. In addition to becoming part of a special networking community, members also have the opportunity to attend the Investment Migration Forum, which attracts the industry’s best and brightest from around the globe, as well as government figures, scholars, and UN officials. Held annually in Brussels, the forum is described as “the largest and most important residency and citizenship by investment event in the world.”



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