How Do You Become A Citizen Of Dominica?

How Do You Become A Citizen Of Dominica?
Published on: 15 September 2021

Dominica—a small island located in the Caribbean sea—is one of a handful of countries in the world with an economic citizenship program. This means that, in addition to obtaining Dominica citizenship by marriage (the most typical way that foreigners become citizens of another country) Dominica also allows qualified candidates to “buy” citizenship via the Dominica Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program. Applicants who successfully participate in this CBI scheme will be granted Dominica nationality and all of the Dominica citizenship benefits that come with it. But how long does it take to get citizenship in Dominica? And how much does Dominica citizenship cost? Today’s blog will answer these questions while providing an overview of the Dominica nationality application process.

How to Obtain Dominica Citizenship

  • Unless you become a Dominica citizenship by marriage, the only way to achieve Dominica nationality is through the country’s CBI program (i.e. via economic citizenship).
  • To become a Dominican citizen through the country’s CBI program, applicants must either make a financial donation to the country’s government fund or invest in real estate on the island (see below for associated costs).
  • In addition to meeting the financial requirements, investors in Dominica citizenship must also pass a complete background check, in order to prove that they have no relevant criminal or terrorist history.
  • The process for obtaining Dominica nationality begins with the investor selecting a marketing agent, which will act as the applicant’s guide throughout their citizenship journey. Contact Guide Consultants to act as your marketing agent here:
  • Once you select your marketing agent, you can begin preparing your application for citizenship, which is then subject to due diligence. The Dominica citizenship application includes several government-issued application forms, which solicit basic biographical information and other personal info, as well an applicant’s fingerprints and medical records.
  • In addition to the above government docs, applicants are required to submit a number of required materials and forms, including ID documents like a birth certificate and passport, as well as documents attesting to the applicant’s financial soundness (bank statements and tax returns). Additional forms applicants are often asked to provide include marriage certificates and university diplomas (if relevant), as well as personal references and police reports from their country of residence—all of which go towards proving that you (the applicant) are who you say you are, and that you are of good character (i.e. someone who will positively contribute to the island).
  • After you submit all your documents and your application is assessed, you will ultimately be notified of whether you have been approved to receive Dominica citizenship. If your application is accepted, you will be allowed to proceed with your CBI payment (whichever pathway you choose).
  • Once your payment has been processed and you receive notification of its success, you will be granted Dominica citizenship, which will allow you to pursue a Dominica passport.

Dominica Citizenship Benefits

  • There are numerous travel, financial, and lifestyle benefits to becoming a Dominican citizen.
  • Dominican citizens can take advantage of the many travel opportunities available through the national passport, which allows visa-free/visa-on-arrival entry to over 140 countries and destinations around the world (as well as visa-reduced access). If your original nationality meant that you needed a visa to enter most countries in Europe, a Dominica passport will eliminate your need for a visa to go to France, Germany, Italy, and the 23 other countries in the Schengen area.
  • Dominica not only enables its citizens’ visa-free entry to the Schengen area, but also to the two major non-Schengen European states: Russia and the United Kingdom.
  • In addition to entering Europe visa-free, Dominica citizens can also travel to some of the most popular destinations in Asia, Africa, and South America, including Singapore, Brazil, and Zambia.
  • As well as these travel freedoms, Dominica also offers citizens freedom from the onerous tax commitments unavoidable in many other countries. Dominicans are exempt from paying a wide variety of taxes, including those on income, wealth, and inheritance.
  • Critically, investors who pursue Dominica citizenship through the country’s CBI program do not need live on the island in order to reap the above citizenship benefits.
  • Additionally, applicants can obtain their original citizenship, as the country’s CBI scheme welcomes dual citizens. The lack of residency requirements for the Dominica CBI program means that you can travel visa-free with your Dominica passport while residing anywhere else in the world, while enjoying a largely tax-free lifestyle from abroad.
  • Those who ultimately choose to reside in Dominica will discover the island’s many charms—ones that are consistent with wellness, security, and prosperity. A verdant and stable island paradise with both traditional white and striking black sand beaches, surrounded by clear, warm blue waters, Dominica has nature and wildlife in abundance. Against this idyllic backdrop, residents can swim, fish, snorkel, sail, and engage in other water-pursuits. For those less inclined to an outdoor lifestyle, the bustling cruise-ship port of Rosea beckons, with its shopping, restaurants, and nightlife.

How long does it take to get citizenship in Dominica?

  • The process for obtaining Dominica citizenship usually takes just several months, and can sometimes happen faster, depending on the nature of your application.

How much does Dominica citizenship cost?

  • The minimum cost of Dominican citizen is $100,000 USD, for a single applicant. This is the cost of donation to the government fund.
  • The minimum cost for applicants who apply for Dominica citizenship through the country’s real estate investment program is $200,000 USD (also for a single applicant).
  • Applicants who are applying with family members will be subject to additional per-person fees. For example, a single applicant who is applying with his or her spouse and two children who pursues the donation option will pay a minimum of $175,000 USD. This cost is inclusive of citizenship for the main applicant and spouse, as well as the children. The same principle applies to the real-estate option, whereby single- applicants pay less than those who are applying with family members.
  • Please note that the above options do not reflect additional costs associated with application processing, due diligence, and other smaller mandatory fees.
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