Antigua Welcomes Back Tourists with a Set of Health Measures in Place

Antigua Welcomes Back Tourists with a Set of Health Measures in Place
Published on: 24 June 2020

On 4 June, the first commercial plane landed in Antigua since the lockdown. The Caribbean Island is once again open for tourism, but visitors will have to comply with a host of COVID19 related measures.

With two-thirds of the island’s GDP coming from tourism, Antigua and its sister island Barbuda are heavily dependent on the travel industry. The islands managed to curb the spread of coronavirus and haves so far reported only three deaths and a total of 26 cases. As a result, the government is confident it can reopen to tourists with the right measures in place.


On arrival, visitors must take a rapid COVID19 test before traveling onto their hotels where they have to wait for 24 to get the results. If they test positive, they must isolate at a government facility or at their hotel. Anyone free of the virus can travel the length and breadth of the island as long as they wear masks when interacting with others. At hotels, pool-side or on the beach, visitors do not need to wear a mask. Out and about, general social distancing rules apply.


Antigua and Barbuda CBI History and New offer

In 2014, the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda established the Commonwealth state’s Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU).  The government processes all applications, and since its launch, the program has been going from strength to strength.


Applicants can invest in business ventures, real estate, the National Development Fund or pay into the University of the West Indies Fund.


Investment amounts range from $100’000 to $400’000, and applicants also need to pay government and due diligence fees as well as passport charges.


In May 2020, the government announced a reduction in the contribution to the University of the West Indies Fund for large families.

Now, a family of six only needs to invest $150’000 down from $185’000 with no additional processing fees payable. Additional family members will pay $15’000 each in processing fees.


Investment into the UWI Fund also entitles one family member to a one-year West Indies University scholarship and includes tuition fees.

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