Dominica Launches Biometric Passport

Dominica Launches Biometric Passport
Published on: 29 June 2021

On July 19th, Dominica will release a biometric passport, according to the government of Dominica.

This new passport will replace the old non-biometric passport currently held by Dominica nationals.

While the old passports will remain valid for use throughout their individual validity periods, they will ultimately be phased out to make way for their biometric successors.

Those who currently hold a traditional Dominica passport can continue to travel with it until it expires, at which point they can apply for a new biometric passport. Alternatively, those who applied for and will imminently receive a Dominica passport have the option of holding out for the biometric passport option (which will necessitate waiting until they become available on July 19th), or simply accepting the non-biometric passport as soon as their application is processed.

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They are embedded with technology allowing them to hold a person’s “biometric” data, biometric passports are inherently more secure than their non-biometric counterparts.   In the context of passports and other IDs, biometric information usually consists of fingerprints.

A biometric passport by stores its holder’s fingerprints and other personalized identifying information that can be easily stored and shared within and across security and immigration databases.

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