The Power of Vanuatu Passport

The Power of Vanuatu Passport
Published on: 27 September 2021

Foreigners in the market for a second passport should strongly consider applying for Vanuatu nationality through the country’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program. Successful applicants for Vanuatu citizenship are ultimately rewarded with a Vanuatu passport. The power of this small country’s passport is one of the main Vanuatu citizenship benefits; if you become a Vanuatuan citizen, you will be able to enter over 130 countries and destinations around the world either without a visa or through a visa-on-arrival. But how can you get a Vanuatu passport investment? And how much does it cost? Today’s blog will provide an overview of the Vanuatu passport power and application process. 

Vanuatu passport power

  • The Vanuatu passport power emanates from the large number of countries and destinations around the world its holders can access without a visa/through a visa-on-arrival. In the context of global mobility, Vanuatu citizenship benefits therefore include the following:
    • Visa-free access to the Europe/Schengen area
      • Perhaps the most important travel benefit of the Vanuatu passport is the access it provides to the Schengen area. Vanuatu passport holders can visit all the most popular business and tourism destinations in Europe, including all 26 Schengen area states—without obtaining a visa beforehand. These include the following: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.
      • In addition to the Schengen area, Vanuatu also provides for visa free access to the United Kingdom and Russia, both of which are outside of the Schengen area and therefore have their own specific visa policies.
    • While expanding access to Europe, Vanuatu passport holders can also enter some of the most popular business destinations in Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
    • Visa-free highlights for Vanuatu passport holders in South America, the Americas, and Africa include Peru, the Dominican Republic, and Kenya.
  • For the most up-to date information on Vanuatu visa-free destinations, please contact us here.

Vanuatu passport info

  • Vanuatu has biometric E-passports, which means that each travel document reflects some of its respective holder’s biometric information. Current biometrics on the Vanuatu passport include photos of the applicant.
  • The Vanuatu biometric E-passports replaced the traditional non-biometric passport in 2010. Today, they are the only form of Vanuatuan passport still issued.

How can you get a Vanuatu passport investment?

  • You can receive a Vanuatu passport by successfully applying for Vanuatu nationality through the country’s CBI program, which welcomes participation by eligible applicants who meet its requirements (financial, personal, and security).
  • The minimum investment required to obtain a Vanuatu passport is $130,000 USD (however, this amount does not reflect processing and other fees, and is only relevant for single applicants).

How to apply for Vanuatu citizenship

  • The Vanuatuan economic citizenship process is as follows: applicants submit a variety of application forms and additional required materials (such as a travel document), and are subject to due diligence, and a security screening. In addition, they must submit proof of good health. If their application payment is accepted, they will be granted Vanuatu citizenship and passport.
  • The process for obtaining Vanuatu citizenship and a national passport can take two -three months; its speed is a key benefit of the program.

About Vanuatu

  • Vanuatu is bewitchingly beautiful; you could spend multiple lifetimes exploring its 80+ islands and their many beaches, hiking its lush forests and swimming and diving throughout its clean, clear Pacific waters.
  • The pace of life on the island is slow and conducive to healthy living; clean air, mild weather, and a stress-free, natural environment.
  • Vanuatuan culture and society is characterized by low crime, democratic governance, a stable economy, and inexpensive living.
  • Despite the island’s apparent remoteness, it’s only a four-hour flight away from Australia, which offers direct flights from most major eastern cities. The island welcomes thousands of tourists a year and counts English and French among its official languages.

To discover more benefits of the Vanuatu passport program, contact us here.

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